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Using Higher Voltage for More Airflow with an Electric Fan

2014 March 20
by therealcoleq

Flex-a-lite Syclone S-Blade Electric FanWe often get asked if using a higher voltage battery increase the airflow of an electric fan. The answer is yes!

Racers and audio enthusiasts were the first to use 16-volt battery for better ignition and audio performance, and they are becoming more popular. An electrical-system expert will tell you that a small variation in operating voltage will raise or lower the speed of an electric fan, which increases or decreases the airflow. For example, Flex-a-lite’s part number 398 electric fan (16-inch Syclone S-blade fan) moves 2,500CFM in a 12-volt system, but increases to 2,700CFM in a 16-volt system.

The additional airflow from the fan does have a cost to the motor. The increase in fan speed and heat caused by running in a 16-volt system will result in a slight reduction in fan-motor life. Flex-a-lite motors are rated for over 5,000 continuous hours, so most applications will not be affected by this slight reduction in motor life. Visit to learn more about our electric fans.

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