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Custom Radiator Options from Flex-a-lite

2013 March 21
by admin

Even with the expanding list of direct-fit Flex-a-fit® aluminum radiators from Flex-a-lite®, we know that there are even more configurations that you may be looking for. Maybe you’re building a vehicle that we haven’t engineered a bolt-in radiator and electric fan combo for, or if you have a custom need beyond what our direct-fit systems offer. Either way, you can still have a Flex-a-fit radiator with its patented cooling technology with our custom radiator options!

Because we build the radiators in-house at our U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility, we can perform quite a range of modifications to meet some very unique needs. We offer both cross-flow and down-flow custom radiators, and the first step is to choose the overall dimensions of the radiator that you’ll need. We have eight radiator core sizes to build your custom-configured radiator from.

From there you can specify a wide range of options:

  • Choose alternate inlet and outlet sizes such as 1 1/2 inch or a 1 3/4 inch
  • Modify the position of the inlet and outlet on the tanks
  • Have both the inlet and outlet on the same side of the radiator
  • Choose from a straight or angled inlet and outlet
  • Specify a single-, dual- or triple-pass radiator
  • Add additional ports such as 1/4 inch NPT bung installed in one, both or neither side tank (these are handy for drain petcocks and also to install one of our zinc anodes to help protect the aluminum radiator from internal corrosion caused by electrolysis)
  • Add an additional tube in the sidetank for a steam tube or expansion tank connection
  • Angled sidetanks for hood clearance or other obstructions
  • Shave sections of the exterior T-channels

Download one of the two Flex-a-lite custom radiator order forms below to further explore the possibilities!

Flex-a-lite custom cross-flow radiator order

Flex-a-lite custom down-flow radiator order

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