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Field Installation of a Mojave Heater

2012 December 6
by admin

How easy is to install a Mojave heater from Flex-a-lite®? You can do it on location at an off-roadding event! We met Phil Novold of Max-Bilt at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari, and he looked awfully cold in his ’53 Dodge M-37. So we grabbed our video camera and caught on film how he added heat to his cool 4×4 in just a few hours.

Our Mojave heater makes it easy for you add a heater to a vehicle without tracking down bulky original components that may or may not work. The compact heater measures just 10 1/8 x 9 x 5 inches and two optional plenums are available to help direct air if desired.  With 12,000 BTU of heat output, the Mojave heater will keep you warm in your off-road vehicle, street rod or UTV!

We recently introduced installation kits that make it even easier to install the Mojave in a variety of vehicles. There are three versions:

Phil and his M-37 are back in his home state of Wisconsin now, and he reports that the heater is keeping him warm, even in the cold winter up north!

Have you installed a Mojave heater? We’d love to hear what you put it in and how you like it! Post a comment below.

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