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Newest Flex-a-lite Product Protects Your Cooling System and Helps Keep Your Engine Cool

2011 May 24
by admin

Flex-a-Chill Coolant AdditiveFlex-a-lite® introduces its first-ever engine-coolant additive. Flex-a-chill delivers cooling and protection that reduces the temperature of the cylinder heads without the need of additional coolant gels. With a lower PH level (8.5) than many competing products, Flex-a-chill is designed specifically to protect your expensive aluminum engine parts and radiator from electrolysis that corrodes the parts from the inside out. The formula also contains organic compounds that will prevent contaminates such as calcium and magnesium from developing into scales that clog your cooling system. Flex-a-chill is a “bubble buster” for the water in your cooling system, providing improved contact, and better contact means better heat transfer by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

One 12 oz. bottle Part #50016 or 12-pack is Part #500166. One 12 oz. bottle of Flex-a-chill is good for 12-16 quarts with a minimum of 20-percent antifreeze for street applications. Racing applications should double the ratio. Flex-a-lite Flex-a-chill is compatible with all types of antifreeze, and it provides 100-percent corrosion protection with straight water. It utilizes corrosion-inhibitor technology validated by ASTM testing, preventing scale and blockage inside the cooling system. Flex-a-chill is environmentally friendly, race-track surfaced approved and 100-percent water-soluble so it leaves no films behind.