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Electric Cooling Fan Temperature Probe How To

2011 May 13
by admin

Flex-a-lite’s most popular fan controllers are adjustable between 160 and 240 degrees. These controllers are operated by a probe that can either be put in the core of the radiator fins or the radiator inlet. Putting the probe into the radiator fins is accurate, does not require any special tools and, when done correctly, will not damage your radiator core. You’ve probably been taught that radiator cores are delicate and you shouldn’t touch them. The truth is that, while you do need to be careful, it’s easier than you might think to push one of our temperature-sensing probes into the radiator without causing any problems at all. This short video features the owner of Flex-a-lite, Lisa Chissus, showing exactly how it’s done.

Tips for a successful fan controller installation:

  • Position the probe close to the coolant inlet (top of radiator)
  • Insert the probe until there is about an inch remaining outside of the core
  • Don’t insert and remove the probe in the same position several times
  • Route the temperature probe and all wires before mounting the controller to make sure everything will reach
  • Always run the positive and negative leads from the controller directly to the battery

As always, you can call our tech line at 253-922-2700 if you have more questions.