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A Quick and Easy Way to Mount a Translife Oil Cooler

2012 October 4
by admin

If you own a Flex-a-Fit® radiator, mounting a transmission or power-steering cooler to it is a breeze with Flex-a-lite radiator bracket sets. These kits include brackets and mounting hardware that use the patented “T” channel side tank design as the mounting location. This lets you easily move the brackets up and down, as well as eliminating the need for you to fabricate brackets or drill holes in your vehicle.

Flex-a-lite bracket sets are available for the various width Flex-a-Fit radiators. In the accompanying video, we show how to install a Translife oil cooler to a Flex-a-Fit radiator using a bracket set. We also used a set of GatorClips® to securely mount the oil cooler to the brackets.

The whole installation is easy to accomplish in a couple of hours, and the brackets make it easy to achieve a very nice looking, secure mount for a transmission or power-steering cooler!

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