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Battle Higher Fuel Prices with an Electric Fan

2012 February 24
by admin

There are plenty of news stories now predicting that gas prices will top $5/gallon this summer, stirring fear and depression. This may have you thinking about giving up on that hot rod vacation, extra off-roading trip or just plain thinking of ways to cut fuel costs in your company fleet of vehicles.

But we’re here to spread some good news. If your vehicle has a belt-driven engine cooling fan, you can install an electric fan and realize a fuel economy improvement and free up some power for an overall better driving experience.

An electric fan completely removes the mechanical load of spinning the fan from the engine. This means less work for the engine and better fuel economy. Another benefit of converting to a Flex-a-lite electric fan is quicker warm-up times. An engine at its designed operating temperature also runs more efficiently, providing better more miles per gallon.

How much more fuel economy? Trev Burt installed Flex-a-lite part No. 264 on his Dodge Cummins truck and reported a fuel economy improvement of 2 ½ mpg! Diesel Power magazine did a similar test and found a 2-3 mpg increase in fuel economy. That’s more than a 10 percent improvement with their specific test truck!

The technology works with gasoline engines too. In fact, we’d love to hear how much improvement in fuel economy you find after installing a Flex-a-lite electric fan. Leave a comment below, or post it our Facebook wall.

Visit our electric fan applications page at for a complete listing of fan sizes and cfm ratings to find one that will work best in your application. We also offer direct-fit applications for Camaros, Mustangs, pickup trucks and more.