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Why We’re Still Makin’ it in the USA

2011 December 8
by admin

You may have seen the popular posting on Facebook called, “Christmas 2011 – Birth of a New Tradition,” urging people to buy American. We like the basic message of thinking about different ways that you can use your Christmas shopping to help the U.S. while minimize the exporting of American dollars to other countries.

Some of the suggestions offered were gift certificates from your local hair salon or barber, a gym membership and a gift card good for a car detailing. All good ideas, but they focused on services.

Going beyond services that keep local citizens employed, we’d like to point out that some products are actually still made in the U.S., such as what we manufacture at Flex-a-lite. We punch the steel, mold the blades and shrouds and do all of the assembly work in our facility in Fife, WA, for our belt-driven and electric fans. We also hand-weld our Flex-a-fit aluminum radiators and do all of the manufacturing processes for our oil and fuel coolers on site. Watch the video above for a good overview of what we do.

Sure, we could save money and increase our profits in the short-term if we had all of our products made off-shore, but that’s not who we are. We are an innovative manufacturing company. We take pride in the performance cooling products we create, from the patented ideas all the way through to the parts we make. We know the importance of making products on site, where we can make changes instantly and we can continuously check and improve our quality. We also put a lot of value in the people who count on us for work…some of our employees have been with us for more than 30 years!

For your Christmas shopping – and long after – we encourage you to think about where your products are made and who they are supporting.

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