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How Flex-a-Fit Radiator Sidetanks Provide Better Cooling

2011 June 10
by admin

Did you know that there is more to the Flex-a-Fit sidetank design than the T channels on the outside? Sure, these make mounting the radiator, electric fan, overflow tank and other components easy, but they also provide a boost in heat transfer, aka cooling!

And what you can’t see are cooling fins on the inside of the patented sidetank design.  These fins on the inside significantly increase the surface area where the engine coolant contacts the radiator sidetank. This means greater heater transfer, which means better cooling. In fact, these sidetanks transfer heat 135-percent more efficiently than a typical aftermarket aluminum radiator tank, and 41-percent more efficiently than a brass radiator tank. Click here to learn more about the Flex-a-fit design and how its heat-transfer performance compares to other radiator designs.

Flex-a-lite hand welds this patented sidetank technology onto all of its 2-row radiators in the United States. The radiators are available both with mounted Flex-a-lite electric fans and without. Visit for a complete listing of applications and more info on Flex-a-fit radiators.

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