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Cascade Plastics, Flex-a-lite and MariSource Transform into One, Woman-owned Company

2011 April 29
by admin

This is a little more newsy than our usual articles, but it’s all about one of the longest-lasting brand names in the automotive performance industry; Flex-a-lite! Cascade Plastics, MariSource and Flex-a-lite have now merged into one corporation named CFM Consolidated Inc.

CFM Consolidated has been manufacturing products since 1963 and is owned and operated by Lisa Chissus. CFM Consolidated is a woman-owned business – certified by the state of Washington – providing inspiration for women in business.

Cascade Plastics was founded in 1986 and creates custom injection molded products for inventors and manufacturers in automotive, medical, traffic, construction and several other industries. Its injection molding machines range from 15 tons to 850 tons and are fed by three silos. Each silo is capable of holding 90,000 pounds of material. Cascade Plastics is an ISO 9001 certified and UL certified company.

Flex-a-lite was founded by Chissus’ grandfather in 1963 with the original concept of a flexible automotive cooling fan. The Flex-a-lite line now includes radiators, electric and belt-driven engine cooling fans, oil coolers and heaters. Flex-a-lite holds several utility and design patents as well as Trademark registrations and industry awards for new product developments. Chissus leads with the same innovative spirit that has helped the company endure and grow over the past 49 years. Chissus has been involved with Flex-a-lite since 1991 and has been their president for the past eight years.

The MariSource product line originated from the “Heath Techna” vertical incubators for salmon and trout hatcheries. We improved the design of these systems and branded them MariSource in 1986. MariSource incubation systems are sold to many private, federal, state and government agencies all over the world. MariSource systems have been a vital part of international preservation of endangered species, as well as research and development to improve the food supply to many third-world nations.

“Fewer than 13 percent of all privately held companies are able to make it to the third generation and we are grateful to be able to continue as a manufacturer in the United States of America. The new corporate structure will not change any interaction with our brands for customers or distributors,” said Chissus. “It will allow us to capture greater efficiencies, develop new products more quickly and streamline processes and business practices.”

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