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First of 2011 New Products are Shipping

2011 March 1
by admin

Spring is just around the corner. Before it gets too warm, we’re going to roll out the first of our new Flex-a-fit® radiators announced at the 2010 SEMA show. If you own a ’67 – ’69 Camaro then we’ve developed this one just for you. Click on the video clip above for an overview of this new product.

Our new radiator and fan combination (Part #52187) includes a 2-row, all-aluminum radiator, with a Flex-a-lite® 16-inch Black Magic X-Treme electric fan already mounted. We’ve also included the adjustable fan controls and air conditioning relay. Mounting brackets are included to use your stock mounting points for ’67 – ’69 Camaros. The radiator and fan combination replaces the stock belt-driven fan for more horsepower, quicker engine warm up and cockpit control of the fan.

Flex-a-fit radiators are manufactured in the U.S. with a 2-row, 1-inch all-aluminum core hand-welded to the side tanks with patented “T” channels to dissipate heat more efficiently. The Flex-a-fit radiator features patented extruded sidetanks. Internal fins perform as heat sinks by absorbing heat more quickly from the engine coolant, and external fins increase the surface area threefold to transfer heat more effectively. In fact, these sidetanks transfer heat 135-percent more efficiently than a typical aftermarket aluminum radiator tank and 41-percent more efficiently than a brass radiator tank. Click here to learn more about the Flex-a-fit design and how its heat-transfer performance compares to other radiator designs. The “T” channel construction also makes mounting accessories such as a transmission cooler or overflow tank easy.

The Flex-a-lite fully shrouded 16-inch S-blade electric fan moves 3,300 cfm and comes pre-mounted to the radiator from the factory. The fan draws 18 amps and includes a control module for adjustable temperature setting and air conditioning relay. A terminal on the controller is also included for a manual override switch. You can view the complete install of this new product below.


Click here for a complete listing of available Flex-a-fit radiators.

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